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Eventbrite develops an online platform that lets users find and create events. Its platform helps them plan events, such as event academies, classes and workshops, conferences, endurance, food and drink, music, nonprofits, and fundraisers, performing and visual arts, politics, and reunions. Eventbrite's platform also lets users sell tickets, register online, post events, manage events online, event management, register event for free online, and search San Francisco events. Moreover, the company offers mobile application opportunities. Eventbrite serves customers worldwide. Renaud Visage and Julia and Kevin Hartz founded Eventbrite in 2006, with its headquarters in San Francisco in California.

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Company Mission

Eventbrite is a global self-service ticketing platform for live experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. From music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies, and fundraisers, to gaming competitions and air guitar contests. Our mission is to bring the world together through live experiences.


Core Values

  • Drive Impact
    • Opportunities are vast. Good strategy is making smart decisions. We make trade-offs by prioritizing impact over activity. 
  • Take Ownership
    • We take initiative and own projects. If momentum slows, we step up and find a way to reignite progress
  • Continuously Learn
    • We're constantly learning and improving to be "best-in-class." Learning is necessary for growth and innovation.
  • Cultivate Authenticity
    • We seek out, welcome, and foster diverse perspectives. We create connections that fuel growth by being open and vulnerable.
  • Empower Customers
    • To serve our creators and consumers best, we deeply understand what motivates them. We start with their perspective to deliver more value that fuels their success. 

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