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findCRA is the first and only platform offering products and services that enable both banks and nonprofits to streamline their research and collaboration on community reinvestment initiatives. Every year, banks in the United States spend billions of dollars in time and resources seeking the right nonprofits to support to meet their obligations under the federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). Using findCRA's unique search engine, bankers can instantly search by state, city, county or zip code and see a list of all the CRA-aligned nonprofits in that geography, as well as key CRA market statistics based on the aggregated nonprofit and census data in that location. At the same time, nonprofit users have the ability to claim and manage the findCRA profile for their organization that appears in bank search results. Nonprofits can also request to become CRA Certified, which gives them access to customized documentation about their CRA alignment that they can use in marketing and fundraising activities. Using our platform, both banks and nonprofits can overcome the challenges posed by the lack of centralized, properly designed CRA resources, gain operational efficiency, and have more impact in meeting their communities’ needs.

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Louisville, KY
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