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Galatea Associates is a highly focused boutique software consulting firm specializing in providing strategic solutions for Wall Street broker-dealers. Founded in 1997, we currently have offices in Boston, London, Durham, and Tampa Bay and we are continuing to grow rapidly. Galatea fosters a culture of collaboration and excellence. We emphasize the business domain and employ technology to solve challenging problems that manage Wall Street risk. In addition to working on some of Wall Street's most challenging problems, we also like to take a step back and partake in many firm sponsored activities, including a monthly pub crawl, volunteer activities, and office parties celebrating every holiday! More than anything, we pride ourselves on ownership and delivery, and our people prove this year after year. Our Core Values * Ownership * Intellectual Curiosity * Diversity of Thought * Direct and Open Communication * Mutual Respect * Team-Based Client- Focused Delivery

Durham, NC


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Company Mission

Galatea Associates is a software consulting firm specializing in financial solutions for Wall Street broker-dealers.
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