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Greenlight Guru is a Quality Management Software company dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone, from their employees to their customers and the patients who benefit from the medical devices they bring to market.

Indianapolis, IN





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Company Mission

To improve the quality of life.
What do you like most about your product or service?

I like the fact that our platform actually helps medical device companies focus on true quality in bringing their products to market. And for the fact that by helping these companies bring products to market, people lives are improved or saved.


VP of Marketing


Core Values

BE INNOVATIVE IN EVERYTHING WE DO: Because the rules and regulations medical device companies must follow are always changing, it takes creative and innovative solutions to keep our customers one step ahead. That’s why not only is our product innovative, but everything from the way we view support, to our accountability system, to our culture is as well.
QUALITY IS YOUR FRIEND: The very top performing medical device companies view quality as a competitive advantage. It is the responsibility of the entire company, not just the quality department.
FANATICAL SUPPORT OF OUR CUSTOMERS: No issue is too big or too small. We believe in providing fanatical support to all of our customers. Your success is our success. We are very passionate about what we do and take improving the quality of life through our customers very seriously.

Leadership Styles

55% Affiliative
People come first.

55% of survey respondents said their manager employs an Affiliative leadership style.

Affiliative leaders create emotional bonds and harmony to boost morale, heal rifts in teams and motivate people during stressful times.

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