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GroupSolver® is the next generation online survey platform that incorporates AI, analytics automation and crowd intelligence. It works faster and deeper than a traditional survey. GroupSolver® helps managers and researchers from startups to Fortune 500 companies answer their burning why, what, and how questions quicker and with more confidence. By making Natural Language Processing (NLP) a cornerstone of our surveys, we quantify qualitative data and use it to enhance traditional statistical models. Customer segmentation, pricing, concept testing, brand perception and marketing campaign evaluation are just a few applications of our technology where we have achieved remarkable, practical insights. Using GroupSolver® does not require specialized data science knowledge. Our platform is user friendly and it works in real time without a human moderator, which dramatically decreases the amount of time it takes to answer your business questions. GroupSolver® is your partner when making fast, confident, and fact-based decisions is mission critical.

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San Diego, CA




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GroupSolver is a market research tech company.
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