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Gtmhub is the world’s most sophisticated goal management and employee experience software that helps businesses amplify revenue growth by facilitating the alignment of execution and strategy of individuals and teams with those of the organization.The Gtmhub platform provides an easy and intuitive way to set, manage, and measure goals across the organization. It is built to facilitate the introduction and management of the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) methodology. Gtmhub ships with a world class data management and analytics engine, which allows companies to automatically track and visualize KPIs in real-time and create custom insights to inform goal setting, performance management, and longer term strategic decision making. With Gtmhub you can: MEET GOALS Create and manage goals easily using the world’s most intuitive goal-setting software. TRACK PROGRESS Our 150+ pre-built data connectors mean goal progress is updated seamlessly in real-time through existing analytics and tracking systems. ENGAGE YOUR TEAM Increase satisfaction and improve employee experience with intuitive goal alignment and conversations. DRIVE PERFORMANCE Increase goal attainment using the world’s most sophisticated OKRs management platform. ACHIEVE TRUE ALIGNMENT When everyone is pulling in the same direction, magic happens. Gtmhub makes it easy to see how everyone contributes.

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Gtmhub helps organizations bridge the gap between strategy and operational execution. Gtmhub’s platform enables Executives and Managers to amplify staff effort and accelerate growth by connecting Strategic Priorities to daily actions using the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) methodology employed by Intel, Google and other high performing companies. Only Gtmhub integrates more than 150 CRM, Tasking, Business Intelligence and other commonly used tools directly with Key Results, enabling real-time progress monitoring and active ‘course corrections.’ More than 200 enterprises, not-for-profits and even governments rely on Gtmhub to align and focus their organizations for accelerated growth.
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