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Alex Hormozi is a former gym owner who slept on the floor of his gym because he couldn't afford two rents. He could fill his gym, but it still wasn't profitable. There were three problems that were destroying his business unbeknownst to him. He didn't know how to 1) Acquire, 2) Serve, 3) Retain customers profitably. Over the next 3 years, he soaked up every drop of information he could. He drove from gym to gym talking to gym owners and learning from them. In time, he systematically experimented and fixed each of the problems plaguing his gyms. With each hole plugged, his gyms went from barely surviving to thriving. He went from a single, struggling location to six, packed gyms all before the age of 27. That's' when he met Leila. They quickly appreciated the other's complementary skill set, work ethic, and core values. With their combined skills, the company exploded. The sum became much greater than its parts. They are the yin & yang that make the company click. Together, they took Alex's framework on the road and applied it in 30 different cities across the country in 18 months. Two years after that, the Gym Launch model has now transformed more than 1500 gyms spanning four continents. Gym owners work endless hours and sacrifice themselves for their customers, and still, many go home empty-handed. They've dedicated their lives to solving this problem. What we believe is simple: A business owner wins by making the same prospect more valuable to his business than to that of his competition. That is the North Star guiding principle behind Gym Launch. Simply put, those gyms that can satisfy and monetize the most customer needs will dominate their respective marketplace.

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