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Ideawake provides an easy to use innovation platform combined with programs, services, and expertise that supports the innovation program. Its SaaS idea management platform enables employers to (1) solicit and crowdsource ideas of employees, customers, and vendors to reduce costs, generate additional revenue and engage employees, (2) evaluate and select the best ideas, and (3) manage the implementation of those ideas. It aims to empower brands with the tools, processes, and connections they need to transform employees into innovators and their ideas into measurable impact. Ideawake was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Company Mission

Ideawake is an innovation management platform that captures and organizes the collective intelligence of employees and customers. Users are given the chance to collaborate on challenges and questions inside the organization, and throw their support behind the ideas they see as the most profitable or attractive based on their knowledge and experience.By expanding the scope of those involved in the decision-making process, Ideawake allows management to obtain new insights into the issues they’re facing based on feedback from the people affected directly. Those insights lead them to launch new initiatives to boost operational efficiency and improve employee morale, all while helping them to build a system for continuous improvement inside the company.
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