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2023 Top Rated Cybersecurity
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A globally trusted leader in proactive threat detection and incident response.

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Austin, TX




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Company Mission

We're a veteran-founded, rapidly growing cybersecurity startup located in Austin, Texas. We are passionate about what we do and helping organizations solve difficult problems. Infocyte’s detection and response platform help security teams and our partners detect, analyze, and respond to threats and vulnerabilities capable of evading the world's best prevention technologies.

Core Values

Service: Our customers entrust us to protect their business and environment—we go above and beyond to shield our customers from security risks, breaches, and adversaries.

Excellence: Excellence is not perfection, but rather a constant pursuit to be at the top of our field—above the noise—as a leading threat hunting and incident response company.

Integrity: We strive to live up to this principle on a constant basis, which—according to C.S. Lewis—means "doing the right thing, even when no one is looking."

Teamwork: We win as a team—focusing on working together to wow our customers and partners—and trust each other. We are dependable, efficient, helpful, and resilient.