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Interfell is a FullStack B2B partner and service provider for Recruiting, Staffing, Remote Talent Management, Payroll and Relocation services. - At's Marketplace we post and share jobs with over 18.000+ prequalified developers - Our IT Recruiting team sources and selects candidates for remote or onsite jobs - We deliver subcontracting, payroll and support services - We are specialists in remote projects. 95% of our businesses come from Remote Staffing and management. - We have a full network of clients, recruiters and talents throughout LATAM. - We are 100% self made entrepreneurs, building our company without any external capital. All organic. - Interfell is registered in the United States, Venezuela, Colombia and recently Spain. Interfell has developed a SaaS MVP where the talent database and job board is hosted. Interfell is currently developing the second stage, a marketplace, for improved features and monetizing options like paid job posts, paid talent database access, recruiting software and RaaS (recruiting as a service). Interfell is actively looking to accelerate the company with Venture Capital, and constantly seeking business partners for win/win collaborations.

HR Tech
Plantation, FL


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Company Mission

Remote Staffing and IT Consulting Services -> Connect with Latin America's best developers in your timezone.
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