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The Industry Leader in Drug Life-Cycle Insights IPD Analytics identifies, projects, and quantifies the impact of competitive-landscape shifts in the pharmaceutical and biologic market to offer: • Industry leading life-cycle analysis • Clinical, formulary, procurement, and inventory-control insights for payers, providers, and suppliers • Brand and generic market impact forecasts • Pharmaceutical coding and reimbursement information We take data from thousands of sources, combine it with proprietary research, and work to normalize, analyze, and summarize it with a unique team of experts. Utilizing that data, we develop the foundation that powers our solutions: loss-of-exclusivity timing and innovative, product-launch tracking. With this powerful foundation, meaningful, tailored insights for specific use cases are provided: • Key Litigation Updates & Analysis • Critical Headlines & Day-by-Day Trial Updates • Drug & Disease-Class Reviews • Formulary Planning Guidance • Loss-of-Exclusivity and Market-Impact Forecasts • Analogs with Qualitative Analysis • Pipeline-Planning Tools • Coding & Reimbursement Insights • Drug-Price Tools • Scenario Analysis Our Solutions With subscription-based access to our proprietary platform, consultations, real-time email alerts, comprehensive reports, data downloads, podcast episodes, and more, our solutions provide actionable insights to drive decisions. An independent third-party source, IPD Analytics offers solutions that: • Deliver compelling insight and unique data assets to solve complex, multi-layered problems • Enable efficiency and transparency in an opaque pharmaceutical market • Offer a comprehensive look at the past to help predict future market shifts Pharmaceutical, Biotech, & Biosimilar Solutions: • Life-cycle Insights • Payer & Provider Insights • Coding & Reimbursement • Market & Financial Insights • Budget Impact Other Industry Solutions: • Med-Tech Insights

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The Industry Leader in Drug Life-Cycle Insights
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