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Austin, TX


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Company Mission

To help patients, providers, and healthcare organizations achieve their goals through clinically sound and financially sustainable psychiatry programs.

Core Values

People Over All Else People over all else is our cardinal belief. It is the cornerstone to fall back on if you are ever unsure of how to handle a situation. It is also the most layered and nuanced of our beliefs. People over all else means that Iris is family and our employees come first. It means that our main competitive advantage is our people and whether we prosper or fail will mainly be due to the strength of our teams. It means that we value our relationships (with people and organizations) and act with integrity and respect towards everyone we interact with.
Suck Less Everyday Suck less every day (SLED) is a journey towards greatness. It is the idea that excellence is achieved one day and one purposeful improvement at a time. While “suck less” may have negative connotations to the uninitiated, it is meant to imply that each of us has greatness within ourselves and we are always living in the shadow of what we will become if we dedicate ourselves to constant improvement. Plus, it’s really catchy.
Execution is King Execution is king emphasizes the concept that ideas alone produce nothing – it is only through taking action that real results can be accomplished. Now roll up your sleeves and get your hustle on!
Be Quick, But Don’t Hurry To be successful in a marathon you must keep a quick pace, but not so fast that you burn yourself out. Work is like a marathon that never ends – you want to go as fast as you can, but not so fast that you are making mistakes or making people feel that you don’t have time for them. Striking this balance is no easy task, but when it is mastered it is incredible to see both the quantity AND quality of work that we can produce.
Love Your Work, Live Your Work To love your work is to be passionate. To have an unswerving commitment to do your best on the task at hand. To recognize there is a small reflection of yourself in every action that you take, every task you complete, and every interaction that you have.