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Company Mission

JustProtect’s mission is to automate assessments that gather better quality data resulting in more informed business decisions.
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Self-starters, those willing to learn new skills, and people that have a strong sense of teamwork.

Joel Davis
Joel Davis

Information Security Analyst

Technology Team

Core Values

Wali - “Wali” is an Arabic word whose literal meanings include "custodian", "protector" and "friend".
Irasshaimase. "Irasshaimase!" is a Japanese expression welcoming someone somewhere (usually into a place of business).
Kaizen. “Kaizen” is a concept referring to business activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees.
Moksha. Moksha is a Sanskrit term that means freedom, liberation;
Brooklyn. The tough, cultured baby brother of Manhattan. The know it all. The oddball. Where New Yorkers raise their families in the shadows of sky scrapers.