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Kextil is collaboration software that drives our customers’ profitability across the product lifecycle. Our spoken dialog based hands-free and eyes-free solution enables mobility to transform a $70 billion opportunity in field service and manufacturing automation. Kextil’s initial customers include global leaders such as Airbus, Boeing, Applied Materials, Tokyo Electron, and GE Healthcare. The Kextil value proposition solves large stubborn problems resulting in a 20+% improvement in workforce efficiency through real-time data capture and compliance with best practices. Customers are reached via a direct sales approach as well as a channel strategy featuring global software players such as SAP as well as niche industry leaders such as Westinghouse. We monetize our business model through a yearly SaaS based modular pricing structure. We progressing toward a targeted $40 million revenue business with 35% profit margins by the end of 2019. Customer problem From manufacturing to installation and aftermarket service of complex equipment, poor information flow bleeds margin by reducing throughput and increasing customer downtime. Examples include $15 billion in lost revenue due to semiconductor equipment downtime, $5 billion spend on equipment maintenance in healthcare, $1 billion in lost revenue due to delays in regulatory reporting in airplane manufacturing. The high cost of failure, increasing regulatory burden, and challenging ROA environment increases the scope and severity of the issue. The Solution Kextil is an enterprise resource utilization (ERU) software company. Patent pending advanced spoken dialog technology provides 1) a real time hands/eyes free platform that transfers mission critical information between mobile workers and enterprise systems; 2) previously unavailable analytic understanding of workforce and machine performance; 3) frictionless information flow that gets 90% of the labor force as productive as the best 10%. Annual economic benefit per 1000 users is $15 million. The Market Kextil is focused on three initial segments: semiconductor, aerospace, and healthcare. Globally 9 million field technicians use automation representing a current $18 billion opportunity. There is an additional $12 billion as technology adoption continues. 4 primary sectors utilities, telecom, industrial, technology. Kextil segments by opertational attributes with an initial focus on processes that require large amount of data collection and utilization, medium volume of service events, high cost of error. This is 40% of the market. The manufacturing segment of Kextil's market is roughly 50% larger. Customers Kextil is becoming the defacto standard in aerospace (working with both Airbus and Boeing), semiconductor (Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron), and healthcare (GE Healthcare). Current pipeline includes leaders such as Westinghouse, Unisys, and Trane. Management The CEO has 7 years experience evaluating new business opportunities in the speech recognition industry. Co-CTOs are Alex Rudnicky (world renowned thought leader in spoken dialog systems), Jordan Cohen (former CTO Voice Signal which sold for $290 million). Board of Directors includes Jack LeVan (former CEO Vocollect which sold for $190 million) and Leo Colborne former SVP Global Services at EMC, and successful angel Bill Guttman. Sales and Marketing Kextil’s marketing strategy is focused on driving revenue growth along three paths: Selling multiple software modules to customers; Building capabilities by serving their initial target markets that enable Kextil to target larger segments; Leveraging their customer’s global field service organizations to establish footholds in markets outside of the US. Kextil will reach its customer base via 1:1 communications centered around industry conferences. Barriers Creating a voice interface for field service is a big technological hurdle and competitive barrier. The IP process is currently at the Office Action phase with a filing calls out numerous product based IP opportunities for spoken dialog systems, multimodal interface, content creation, and workflow tracking. They will augment IP with domain experience and direct interfaces to field service ERP modules.

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Kextil is the ultimate collaboration tool for global industrial companies' manufacturing, maintenance, & service functions.
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