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Kinney Group

We help creators harness the power of data to improve lives.

Data & AnalyticsConsulting
Indianapolis, IN




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Company Mission

We help creators harness the power of data to improve lives.

Core Values

Customer Centric: Everything we do is centered around providing the "unexpected experience" for our customers and delivering results and outcomes that drive customer organizations forward.

Innovative: We foster growth and overcome the challenges of change by innovating on behalf of our customers, and pioneering software- and service-driven solutions that create new paths to success for the markets we serve.

Competitive: We love to win at Kinney Group, and that drive pushes us to bring our best to the playing field each day, and hold our colleagues accountable to do the same.

Bias to Action: Our competitive drive means that, rather than waiting for someone else to fill the need or offer the solution, every colleague is empowered to take action and keep the ball moving forward.

Chopper: When presented with monumental challenges or obstacles, we roll up our sleeves, sharpen our axe, and get to work chopping through, one win at a time, until we achieve our goals.