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Transforming tutoring to empower college students to build skills for success in the classroom & 21st-century workplace.

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Company Mission

Our mission is to ensure every student has access to quality academic support.

Core Values

Our company is drastically different from other student support platforms and service providers in how we align incentives for all stakeholders involved: peer tutor, student learner, and university – allowing us to minimize costs and maximize impact.

Whether it’s helping enrich learning experiences or unlocking economic opportunities for students to advance themselves personally and professionally, technology can make a big difference when it’s accessible to everyone. This begins with building a seamless and beautiful user experience across all platforms to meet every student where they are regardless of what they look like or where they come from.


The near-peer model is at the heart of our approach, with empathy and growth baked into the core – encouraging those who have “been there before” to lend a helping hand to those in need of learning assistance. We do our very best to help every student, regardless of background, by providing access to the most relevant and impactful support possible. Whether it’s connecting them with an on-campus peer that just took their class or facilitating an online interaction with a subject-matter expert, we ensure that no student is left unserved.

Safety & Community

We are committed to fostering a safe and supportive community, centered on peer feedback and direct partnerships with universities and employers. Today’s educational ecosystems face an unprecedented set of challenges given the increased diversity of student populations and ever-evolving needs of the workforce. While the technology itself isn't the solution, when it's built right and combined with mutually beneficial partnerships, it has the potential to create a better, more equitable world in which everyone can learn and grow.