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Two decades ago Lewellyn Technology was founded with a focus on electrical safety training for maintenance workers. Hiring many experienced former maintenance workers, the company saw the opportunity to fill a need in the industry offering practical training taught by those experienced in their industry. In the past twenty years, Lewellyn Technology has grown into an industry leader in safety. With offering services in Arc Flash, Combustible Dust, and Lockout/Tagout safety, Lewellyn Technology has expanded its offering a wide range of safety services. From assessments and consulting to engineering and training, Lewellyn Technology has evolved beyond just electrical safety training. While our team of in-house, industry experts has grown since our founding, what hasn’t changed is the practical, thorough, and company-wide commitment to workplace safety, whether our team is teaching an introductory course or examining a multi-building facility. That’s just how we’re wired.

Indianapolis, IN


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