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LifeNome is a B2B2C Precision Health AI company headquartered in New York City. LifeNome leverages biological, physiological, and behavioral data to provide science-based precision needs and risk assessments and targeted health and wellness interventions in the nutrition, health, and wellness (personal care) sectors. Team: LifeNome co-founders Raya Khanin (Weizman PhD, Royal Society Fellowship), Ali Mostashari (MIT PhD, 15 years in tech R&D), and Mario Storga (PhD, KTH, UofZ, Design Society) are each in the top 20 cited scholars in the world in their respective fields of computational genomics, complexity science, and semantic networks in the world. Team consists 30 individuals with 15 PhDs based in NYC and Europe. What we Do: We take DNA data (genotyped, exome, WGS) alongside with wearables/device data and lifestyle data to provide B2B personalized health and wellness analytics for the nutrition, fitness, preventative health (insurtech) and personal care (beauty tech) industries. Technology: We use an advanced genomics AI engine (for insiders: hierarchical clustering, network-based causal inference models, embedded biovectors similar to NLP embedding applied to genotype-phenotype networks) validated with over 530,000 genotype-phenotype individual data sets from 14 different countries. Traction: Our current partners are some of the world's most prominent brands (Zurich Insurance, Allergan, PEPSI, Unilever, Biologique Recherche, etc.) and we have secured multi-million licensing deals for the next 5 years and hope to aggressively grow our clients in 2021 and 2022. To get access to our deck, please email





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Company Mission

We help businesses offer curated health and well-being choices for their customers

LifeNome was founded in 2016 by three PhDs with the singular goal of improving the health and well-being outcomes for every individual on the planet. At our very core, our co-founders believe that science & technology are the greatest tools available to accomplish that mission.

Core Values

Empower Individuals

All individuals have inalienable rights, and having the ability to make choices that promote their well-being is one of them.

Privacy is a right

Your data is exactly that – yours. In the words of our CEO privacy is not just a privilege, it’s a right!

Innovation & science

We push the boundaries of what’s possible by taking the latest science and making it market-responsive for businesses.

Sustainability for the planet

Reducing waste is a core principle of personalization and Precision consumption.

Responsible Capitalism

With personalization you don’t have to rely on marketing gimmicks. Sell your products and services based on their effectiveness.