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DC Microgrids, PV, and Batteries are rapidly entering wide-scale adoption across all markets globally. Nearly all devices are DC inside (electronics) and can operate more safely and reliably powered directly from DC power. LumenCache connects these technologies together using modern structured wiring, and adds reliable foundation for the next generation of Smart Building products. It avoids the rapid obsolescence and reliability problems that plague wireless platforms and stop builders from installing smart products. LumenCache aims to replace traditional AC wiring in all new homes and buildings, starting with lighting and small load devices. This is a $200b/yr TAM and the smart products easily made on top of the platform is another $200b/yr TAM. We have system operating since 2012 around the world ranging from solar powered bus stops to multi-story apartment buildings, proving the longevity, safety, reliability, and adaptability of the platform and patent over time.

Indianapolis, IN
Less than $1M




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