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MITO Material Solutions has developed a nano-additive named the “MITO T-Series.” The T-Series is then mixed in with any epoxy or resin, which then toughens composite parts by 100% while decreasing the chances of mechanical failure by 80%. This allows industries to pick which value they would like to have in their products: a 100% increase in toughness, or up to a 35% decrease of materials needed. For the RV and boating industries, the T-Series can be used to toughen the fiberglass that makes the outer shell and hull of RVs and boats, respectively. For the aerospace industry, the T-Series can be used to decrease the amount of materials needed to create the part with the same toughness as the original part. This will allow aircraft manufacturers to shed tens of thousands of pounds while simultaneously saving millions of dollars on day one.

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Enabling the next generation of materials, MITO Materials is revolutionizing composites with robust, simple to use additives that are designed for all industries.
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We are constantly encouraged to redefine success for MITO and our markets. It's exciting, innovative, and something new every day.

Haley Keith
Haley Keith
Haley Keith


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