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MITO Materials brings sustainability and ease to the transition of composite materials by enabling superior performance.

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Company Mission

MITO® Material Solutions created MITO additives (E-GO and ACRE) which can be infused directly into resin systems and then applied to composite components used to manufacture planes, cars, trains, wind turbines or even sporting goods. Our products double the interlaminar toughness in composite materials, giving manufacturers the ability to make lighter and tougher parts, thereby reducing the likelihood of mechanical failure. Our additives are non-toxic, safe to handle, and alter no other mechanical properties in the formulation. We service original equipment manufacturers in multiple industries by supplying our additives to material formulators in order to enhance the chemical bonds in epoxy products. RV, boat, and aerospace manufacturers who purchase MITO-powered epoxy are given the ability to make materials lighter, saving them fuel and materials cost; or tougher, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of mechanical failure.

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