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Mu Sigma offers data analytics services and develops decision support system tools and software for Fortune 500 organizations. It offers marketing analytics, such as marketing measurement, product/customer segmentation and profiling, prospecting, RFM analysis, purchase likelihood analysis, cross-sell/up-sell analysis, loyalty/customer lifetime modeling, churn analysis/retention modeling, brand/customer equity analysis, customer satisfaction analysis, marketing mix modeling and optimization, and others. Mu Sigma also provides risk analytics, such as predictive modeling of claims, credit scoring, fraud detection and prediction, foreclosure prediction, rating structures, loss ratio analysis, risk based pricing, statistical analysis for FDA trials, elasticity/sensitivity/scenario/what if analysis, collection and recovery analytics, extreme event modeling, and others. Moreover, it offers supply chain analytics, which include trend plotting, demand/manpower forecasting, location allocation decision making, inventory management, sourcing/capacity/materials/transport optimization, stock replenishment analysis, due date quoting, expediting optimization, logistics and distribution analysis, vendor managed inventory systems, and others. Mu Sigma serves companies operating in airline, hospitality and entertainment, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, BFSI, CPG, retail, technology, and telecom industries. Dhiraj C. Najaram founded it in 2004, with its headquarters in Bengaluru in India.

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Decision sciences, data analytics, business analytics consulting
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