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MyCircle is an social platform with 2 services, targeted social networking and niche online dating. MyCircles allows its users to have up to 5 profiles so they can maintain separate profiles for personal, private, dating and business purposes. MyCircles separates its services into two distinct products: MyCircles – targeted social networking; DatingCircles- a variety of Dating Circles that provides its members the option to join one or many of the DatingCircles that appeal to their lifestyle; consumers, advertisers & sponsors are easily able to control the content they view, receive & are associated with while helping diversify MyCircles’ revenue streams. MyCircles removes the pain & boredom that millions of people have with their social network & online dating experience. People are tired of going to large social networks that are so general that they have no targeted content for them. People are tired of having multiple online accounts that they need to juggle their personal, professional & dating lives. People are tired of paying too much for online dating sites & having to have multiple accounts because they have diverse online dating needs. People are tired of being exploited & having companies scour through their personal communications for “Big Data” that is then monetized & they are not compensated for. People are tired of their right to privacy being stripped away from them & they want to be able to control their own information! MyCircles is the (free) targeted social networking component that was created with both advertisers & consumers in mind. By creating targeted social networking Circles that focus on consumers’ affinities, MyCircles offers its advertisers very targeted interest groups that appeal to the products & services they are promoting. Some of these Circles include BikerCircles, EntertainmentCircles, FashionCircles, FitnessCircles, FoodCircles, GamingCircles, LGBTCircles, PetCircles, TechCircles, TravelCircles and others. DatingCircles is the dating component of MyCircles. By separating dating from social and professional networking, members are able to set different privacy parameters and keep their multiple profiles separate from one another. DatingCircles is a premium service, which will provide its members the option of joining one or multiple dating Circles. The Dating Circles will span the spectrum from traditional dating, casual dating, alternative dating, dating by sexual preference, etc. Once a subscriber joins MyCircles, they will be able to create a different profile for each ‘Circle’ they join. MyCircles profiles can be customized for any of the specific Circles that they belong to. Search & privacy preferences can be customized for each Circle.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL


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Company Mission

MyCircles is an Interest based App Redefining what it means to Interact.
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