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nate is a shopping app that enables users to buy a product from any online retailer with the click of a button.

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Company Mission

As a company that puts humans first, we are committed to cultivating an inclusive workplace. And we're not just saying it. We walk the talk. We want all of our team members to feel safe, respected, and free to fully be themselves at work. And the best part is, when everyone can be themselves, ideas flow, taboos fall and we get stuff done.  And that's the secret sauce here at nate.

Core Values

The Principles We
Create by:

Self-care isn’t selfish

We take care of ourselves first. Then, and only then, we do business. Ambitious, ingenious, trail-blazing business. But never at the expense of our health. So yeah. We workout, meditate, and take days off and nate runs all the better for it.

Disagreeing is healthy

Look, we’re not saying to start conflict for the sake of it. But our team is stronger when we don’t hold back. So we hash it out. We challenge each other’s assumptions. We fight groupthink with diversity of background. And in the end, we stick together and learn from each other.

Make true promises

We don’t micromanage. We don’t follow up. We simply deliver on what we say we’re going to do. Maybe this week. Maybe next month. No matter what, we trust it will get done. Knowing that, the rest of the team can build on it with peace of mind. We trust. You trust. We make it happen.

Forgiveness over permission

This is the fun part. If you have a great idea, go for for it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You make a mistake. We all learn from it. And then we keep going. Hours of discussion are fun over beers, but they don’t drive us forward. So, when in doubt - just do it.

Always look forward

And the less fun part. Sometimes, things go south. We can’t prevent it, and we can’t control it. All we can do is keep our cool and make a new plan. We don’t dwell on what could have been. Look forward, not backwards. Soon enough, we’ll be back on track.

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