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A cloud-based platform that helps teams build great companies.





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Company Mission

It’s About Working Smarter, Not Harder

Ninety is a revolutionary cloud-based software providing small to mid-sized companies with the core tools needed to grow and thrive. Ninety’s platform integrates data, processes, and people into one comprehensive system, so you can achieve your short- and long-term goals while accelerating your company’s vision.

Thousands (6,000+) of small and mid-sized businesses around the world trust Ninety’s simple, powerful and helpful tools to help them Get Smart Stuff DoneTM from anywhere.

Work From Anywhere With Ninety

Transform your existing system from a series of disconnected tools and spreadsheets into one simple, smart and powerful application. Regardless of where you work: from home, in an office, or a combination of both — Ninety allows you to:

  • Prioritize key objectives every 90 days
  • Run more effective weekly team meetings
  • Hit an average of 90 percent of your company’s key priorities, deliverables, and goals
  • Improve accountability, alignment, and transparency in a Work From Anywhere WorldTM

Ninety isn’t the measure of perfection, it’s the measure of a unified and healthy march towards your envisioned future. We help small to mid-sized companies to become extraordinarily productive, humane, and resilient.

What is it like to work on your team?

Culture is everything at Ninety and you feel it in every interaction you have with the team. A flexible work environment + engaged, dedicated teammates + an exciting vision shared by the entire organization, working for Ninety the personal and professional dream.

Michelle Rose
Michelle Rose
Michelle Rose

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