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Niron develops innovative advanced magnetic materials for high performance and low-cost permanent magnets. Permanent magnets play a vital, hidden role in modern technologies. Common devices that we use daily, such as computers, appliances, and automobiles are powered by permanent-magnet motors that convert electricity to motion. In the production of electricity, permanent magnets are found at the heart of generators. Despite their ubiquity, however, magnets themselves have not kept pace with demands of higher performance, lighter weight machines. In fact, it has been almost 25 years since the last new magnetic material (NdFeB) became commercially available. As hybrid and electric vehicles fill the streets, and wind power generation continues to be one of the fastest growing means of producing electricity, the demand for increased efficiency needs to be met with innovative new magnetic materials. Niron Magnetics is developing the world’s first advanced manufacturing process for the mass production of permanent magnets powered by our breakthrough material formulation. Niron’s proprietary Iron nitride magnets possess inherently higher magnetization and can be produced at a lower cost compared to today’s rare-earth magnets, and will enable a revolution in the design of new electric motors and generators. Niron was founded in 2014 as a spinout of University of Minnesota and is based on technology that has received the support of ARPA-E, the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy Sciences.

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