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Noteworth is connecting healthcare organizations to patient-generated health data and provides software and services that allow clinicians and healthcare organizations to have an unprecedented level of health data clarity for patients outside the clinic. The startup company works with primary care doctors, pediatricians, and specialists to improve patient engagement on an ongoing basis, whether it be through collecting information on vitals, providing education on diagnosis, and avenues to talk to a doctor via telemedicine or chat. Its HIPAA-compliant, interoperable solution integrates with 400+ FDA-approved clinical devices and delivers patient-generated data directly into an existing electronic medical record (EMR) in actionable, clinically-relevant Noteworth Reports. They position their partners to target costly readmissions, reduce utilization, boost patient satisfaction, and increase the overall quality of care. The Hoboken, New Jersey-based company was founded by Bryan Bonnet, Justin Williams, and Nishant Panchal in 2015.

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Company Mission

Noteworth connects healthcare organizations with patient-generated health data to improve patient engagement on an ongoing basis.
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