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Nylas is a pioneer and leading provider of universal communications APIs that allow developers to quickly connect their applications to every email, calendar, or contacts provider in the world.

San Francisco, CA




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Company Mission

Our mission is to help developers leverage communications data and build features that increase customer engagement, productivity, and retention.

Core Values

Customer Obsession: We create value for our customers because without our customers our company does not exist. We see our customers as humans, not corporations, and we treat them accordingly. We partner with our customers and use their feedback to guide our product and our business.
Creativity: We are creators. We are intrinsically motivated by the act of creation. We build things because we are builders at heart. And we see the opportunity to build as a reward in and of itself.
Velocity: We move with speed and direction. We look for points of leverage and efficiency at every turn so that we can move faster while preserving quality. We operate with a stretch goal mentality because we recognize that falling short of a lofty objective is better than over-delivering against a safe target.
Diversity and Inclusion: We welcome people of all backgrounds and we value different viewpoints. We celebrate diversity and work to minimize bias in our hiring and decision-making. We have zero-tolerance for discrimination and harassment and have explicit and documented processes for addressing any issues within the company.
Open Communication: We speak our truths, but we always do it with care for one another. We share information with one another whether it’s good or bad. We make it safe for others to communicate with us at all times and we are curious about others’ perspectives.
Trust: We trust one another to operate with the best interest of our customers and Nylas in mind. When faced with conflicting options, we are quick to disagree and commit. And when we get it wrong, we support one another as we work together to make it right.