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Oak Ridge National Laboratory is DOE’s largest multi-program science and energy laboratory that holds a wide range of R&D assignments, from fundamental nuclear physics to applied R&D on advanced energy systems. In addition, it has a reputation for combining insights from fundamental science with an in-depth technical understanding of applied systems to deliver practical solutions to real-world problems. Oak Ridge National Laboratory tracks opportunities to put its solutions to work, often collaborating with industry to accelerate their deployment by the private sector. Products as diverse as radiation detectors, thin-film batteries, high-efficiency heat pumps, and high-performance steel alloys have emerged from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s R&D. Transfer of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s innovations to the private sector has created new industries in the United States, resulted in substantial cost savings for companies and consumers, and provided jobs for Americans. Its staff scientists in collaboration with over 4,000 visiting researchers annually make new scientific discoveries and develop new technologies. Oak Ridge National Laboratory was founded in 1943 and is based in Oak Ridge, T.N.

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