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Since 1996, we've been modernizing clients' software systems and teams. In 2020, we joined Improving to bring unique solutions to even more clients. We build resilient, scalable, modern platforms to continuously deliver and measure business value - to help companies innovate faster, reduce costs, and bring clarity to their internal software systems and processes. --Our Purpose is to make technology and software an asset for our clients, not a complication. --Our Vision is to empower great people with great benefits and a great quality of life to produce outstanding results for our clients. --Our Mission is to combine the best software developers with the best tools, technologies, and processes to create a culture of learning and accountability with minimal management and overhead. We work with clients who want to transform legacy systems and build modern platforms and teams in industries like retail, telematics, healthcare, education, financial services, and manufacturing. We're also devoted to contributing back to the technology communities we serve through our blog (50,000 active viewers per month), speaking at and hosting events, and promoting open source. We have an obligation to not only build things the right way, but to share our experiences so others can learn from our knowledge and expertise. Expertise: --Real time Data (Streaming Analytics, Data Governance, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Data Ingestion, Distributed data stores, IoT). --Cloud Strategy (AWS, GCP). --DevOps (Cloud Native Platforms, Serverless Architectures, Monitoring, Alerting, Metrics Collection, Log Aggregation, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Infrastructure as Code). --APIs / Microservices (API Management/Monetization, API Legacy Integration, Streaming APIs, API Security, API Metrics). --Mobile (Native Apps, Native Cross-platform, Device Integration). --Front-End (Mobile-first, Responsive, Progressive Web Apps, Single-page Apps).

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Minneapolis, MN


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A company of technologists, strategists, visionaries, and doers - passionate about modernizing and innovating the software development industry and community.
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