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Identity verification for iOS, Web and Android that helps your conversion rates.

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Company Mission

To empower the world with a digital identity system that puts you, the individual, first.

Core Values

Universally accessible identity infrastructure for a safer, more human Internet

It is no secret that online trust is badly broken. But we now also have the tools to fix it. At Passbase, we have a vision for building a new identity infrastructure that powers the next generation of digital services serving humans – one that gives control of identity information back to individuals.

Why we need a new identity infrastructure

The future of digital identity is trust with privacy. We believe privacy and data ownership are important now, and will become increasingly important as more sensitive aspects of our lives shift online. This trend has accelerated with this mass adoption of mobile computing, the advent of IoT, and the digitization of the old economy.

Towards a more human Internet

It is not possible to access many of the goods, services, information and benefits of the Internet without a digital identity. Yet our digital identity information today is held largely by third parties who often cannot safeguard it or abuse it for their own ends. A more human Internet gives individuals back control of their digital identity data through a universally accessible, easy-to-use infrastructure that builds trust among everyone.

Now is the time to fix digital identity

The dream of a better, more human digital identity infrastructure has been around for a long time. The tools necessary to build one have not. This has