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700,000 people die from bacterial infections worldwide every year, and the CDC and WHO have declared the threat of drug resistance presents one of the greatest public health challenges of our time. Pattern is building a dream team of scientists and visionaries dedicated to addressing this global problem with faster, smarter diagnostics for more precise treatment. You'll work alongside managers who know the ropes at the FDA and have already developed multiple diagnostics platforms. They also make a mean chimichurri. If you're ready to make a contribution to the world and have fun doing it, this is the place for you.

Austin, TX




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Company Mission

Pattern Bioscience is a privately held in vitro diagnostics company founded in 2016 to help combat the problem of antibiotic resistance.

Core Values

Transparency - Embrace reality; thoughtfully challenge each other
Connection - Meaningful work relationships; connect to our mission
Commitment - Grind out tough problems; be a dependable teammate
Openness - Speak your mind; be vulnerable
Relentless learning - Fail fast; grow and learn from mistakes