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It was the late-90's and thanks to his popular Training Bible book series, Joe Friel's coaching business was growing rapidly. But in the dawning age of the Internet, he noted that coaches and athletes still relied on inefficient hand-made logs, e-mail and fax machines. Around the same time Joe’s son Dirk, a former pro cyclist and coach himself, got together with his best friend Gear Fisher, an engineer and cyclist as well. Over beers, Dirk echoed Joe’s frustrations. Gear confidently said that he could create a web-based training log that would enable Joe and Dirk to deliver their coaching methodology efficiently to athletes anywhere. Within a year, the world’s first online training log allowing coaches to work with an unlimited number of athletes was released. The company evolved to include WKO+ desktop software, designed by a team that included Hunter Allen and Dr. Andy Coggan, authors of Training and Racing with a Power Meter. Over time, TrainingPeaks became a neutral platform allowing any coach to deliver their own methodology, or any athlete to train intelligently and effectively according to a plan of their choice.

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We are musicians, athletes, coaches and teachers who truly believe in our mission to help people achieve their best. Our software platforms connect performers, instructors and creators enabling them to publish, teach and train using the principles of deliberate practice.
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