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a communication platform that connects businesses directly to customers to share feedback and resolve issues. Privately. In real-time.

Indianapolis, IN
Less than $1M




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Peoplocity provides businesses with a cloud-based platform to interact with customers by sending them relevant messages and by responding to customers’ messages. Customers use a personalized mobile app to receive messages, ask questions, get help, and give feedback to businesses.

Cathy Langlois
Cathy Langlois
George Klein
Cathy Langlois
Cathy Langlois

Executive Vice President


Core Values

Integrity: We deliver on our promises.
Teamwork: We tap into the strength of the team to exceed customers' expectations.
Commitment to Customers: We are relentlessly focused on our customers' success.
Good Citizens: We are invested in the success of our community.
Passionate: We are customer experience fanatics.

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