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Pivotal Commware was established in 2016 to commercialize a breakthrough in electromagnetic physics, Holographic Beam Forming™ (HBF). Years ago, Pivotal’s founders recognized that wireless demand for data would outgrow the complex coding, multiplexing and modulation schemes that network operators have deployed thus far. Beamforming was the answer, but existing high cost, size, weight and power-consuming (C-SWaP) solutions were not. That’s why Pivotal assembled a team experienced in advanced commercial antenna and RF circuit design, advanced DARPA technology programs, and, uniquely, active/nonlinear metamaterials. Beyond technology, Pivotal also offers the depth and breadth of skills to develop integrated, end-to-end solutions.

Kirkland, WA




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Company Mission

Pivotal Commware develops software-defined antennas and radios that use Holographic Beam Forming™ toincrease network speed, capacity and spectral efficiency.
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