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The mission of Preferred Population Health Management (PPHM) is to simplify managing the health of a population through a software application that bridges the gap between biopsychosocial and clinical needs of patients in the community. Our software application, called Population Health Logistics (PHL), is designed to assess, monitor, guide care and resource utilization to ensure optimal clinical, chronic care and social outcomes. Our user friendly, cloud based software captures and monitors: cognitive, functional, behavioral and biopsychosocial symptoms of patients and the burden placed on their informal caregivers. Our focus on brain health (Dementia, delirium, Depression, Alzheimer's) and caregiver burden are unique features offered by PPHM. We monitor brain health and caregiver burden through the Healthy Aging Brain Care (HABC) Monitor and ensure medications do not impact the patient's cognition through use of an Anticholinergic Cognitive Burden Scale (ACB). We work with hospitals, health systems and insurance companies as well as community based organizations managing the health of a population for hospitals, health systems and insurance companies. We aim to dramatically improve the lives of 5,300,000 million Alzheimer / Dementia patients in the US and their caregivers. PPHM is the result of 9 years of research and study by Indiana University in conjunction with CMS. Our Aging Brain Care (ABC) model is an Evidence Based Tool for managing patients suffering with Dementia or Depression and have other comorbidities. We are changing the economics of degenerative brain care by dramatically lowering the cost and measurably improving patient and caregivers outcomes. If you are a in a leadership position in healthcare with a desire to impact millions of lives, please contact us today. We have a solution!

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