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Prove (Formerly Payfone)

Prove is the modern way of proving identity with just a phone number. With 1 billion+ consumer and small business identity tokens under continuous management, Prove’s Phone-Centric Identity™ platform helps companies mitigate fraud while accelerating revenue and reducing OPEX across mobile, desktop, tablet, contact center, and in-store channels. 1,000+ companies and 500+ banks, including 9 of the top 10 US banks, trust Prove to secure their onboarding, digital servicing, call center, e-commerce, payments, and compliance experiences. Prove’s omnichannel solutions are available in 195 countries. Prove has two main solutions + MFA: • Prove Pre-fill™ for Onboarding & Digital Acquisition, which helps companies increase signups and mitigate account opening fraud by authenticating consumer identities, and auto-filling verified data in any channel. • Fonebook™ for Digital Servicing, which helps companies: - Access a single identity authentication platform that reduces complexity and total cost of ownership to create a holistic view of your customer across their entire channels - Manage, add, and update customer phone numbers to ensure you always have the right number for your customer Multi-factor Authentication: - Standard SMS & Voice OTPs - Instant Link™ (authenticate through SMS link without needing OTP) - Mobile Auth™ (authentication via cellular networks; passive method for passwordless login) - Voice Biometrics – Match against a consumer’s voice for authentication - Push Authentication – App-based method to prove Possession, can also pull in behavioral biometrics, device (PKI), and environmental (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, network) signals - Secure transactions across multiple digital servicing use cases, including login, high-risk transactions, call center, and passwordless login

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Company Mission

Prove delivers digital trust, providing businesses the confidence to do more. Our global proprietary phone identity network streamlines customer acquisition and frictionless servicing.