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Data-Driven Solutions for Talent-Related Problems

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Indianapolis, IN




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Company Mission

Data-Driven Solutions for Talent-Related Problems

Purpose HQ was founded on one core principle: that people deserve to be aligned with their purpose and their work. When properly aligned, organizations achieve optimal performance, retain and attract top talent, and achieve their strategic goals.

Co-founded by a tech trailblazer and an HR executive, our leadership team built a proprietary platform to collect and share data for its clients and their most valuable assets – their employees. By employing a data-driven strategy, Purpose HQ takes out the guesswork and gives clients the evidence-based tools necessary to make informed decisions about their organizations.

Our expert consultants work with clients to analyze data and prioritize talent-related problems to tackle within an organization. We then create customized systems for clients to implement unique strategies designed to empower employees and optimize productivity and efficiency.

You now know our purpose, what’s yours?

Purpose HQ is a certified partner of Predictive Index.

Core Values

Genuine and authentic – What you see is what you get. We’re comfortable in our own skin to allow others to be comfortable in theirs, too.
Respectful of the responsibility – We understand the tremendous honor it is to guide individual and organizational purpose discovery. We touch lives and are humbled by the responsibility.
Enthusiastically encouraging – We believe in sharing candid feedback with the encouragement that it’s never too late to right the ship. Our three feedback filters are: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?
Always growing – Purpose HQ believes in continuous improvement, always looking for new ways to learn, grow, and solve the toughest problems.
Team supported – What’s a team without someone to lean on? We succeed at Purpose HQ, in part, because our crew always has each other’s backs. And, we’ve got yours, too.