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Rachio's mission is to advance the smart home outside, through conservation and connection.

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Company Mission

Rachio is a mission-based startup advancing the smart home outside, through conservation and connection. A category leader within the smart home industry, Rachio creates innovative technology and solutions that enliven the outside space of any home through exceptional products, data-driven personalized recommendations and an unmatched user experience. Together, the Rachio community has saved *150 billion* gallons of water - and counting.

Core Values

Start with Empathy:

 We listen with the intent to understand, not simply to respond. We assume positive intent, and remember that at the end of the day we are all human and on the same team.

Fail Strategically:

We view the unknown as an opportunity to learn and therefore grow. We encourage and support each other in taking risks and testing the status quo. We bias towards action, look for early feedback, and take the time to openly share learnings with the team.

Participate & Commit:

We believe that the best decisions are made when we show up fully. We challenge assumptions, discuss the data, and ask the hard questions. Decision-makers protect the time to collaboratively explore and welcome wild and unconventional ideas. In the end, everyone may not agree with the final decision, but they feel heard and are committed to the path forward.

Delight to Sustain:

We believe that our customers don't have to compromise to be sustainable. Our first priority is to provide a delightful experience that adds value to their lives while creating a better future for our planet.