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Experience has shown us an agency positioned firmly between Marketing and Technology can scientifically produce consistent results and help businesses, like yours, achieve long-term success. We founded Redstitch on the belief that our clients will, in turn, pass that success on to their employees, families, communities, and charities of choice. We hold ourselves accountable for a lot, but three promises in particular make up the cornerstone of how we manage our client relationships. 1. Valuable Work We really treat your business as our own. And from the start, we'll prioritize the most pressing, high-value work to produce visible results and ROI as fast as possible. 2. Business Results The internet is constantly in motion. So instead of selling disjointed marketing tactics, we use strategic planning to stay laser-focused on connecting you with prospects online, regardless of changes in technology or user habits. 3. Constant Communication We've heard too many agencies drop the ball when it comes to keeping their clients in the loop. Not us. At the minimum, our clients can expect weekly updates, advice, and progress reports.

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