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REEF is North America’s largest network of mobility and urban logistics hubs with an ecosystem of 4,500 locations and a team of 15,000 associates in 200 cities. Leveraging our proximity to the highly concentrated areas where people live and work, REEF is transforming underutilized urban spaces into neighborhood hubs that serve the needs of cities, residents and businesses. REEF's technology-driven infrastructure provides congestion-reducing buffering zones and environmentally conscious parking, micro-fulfillment and delivery solutions to enable the frictionless movement of goods and services. REEF Creates Ecosystems: Each REEF hub is a thriving, connected ecosystem of businesses, cities and people, enabling the goods and services that keep us moving forward in a sustainable, thoughtful way. REEF Provides Connectivity: REEF hubs enable the last block delivery of products and services to more people, more efficiently than ever before, due to proximity to areas where large numbers of people live and work. REEF Develops Thriving City Hubs: Each REEF hub has been strategically designed to provide buffer zones allowing delivery and rideshare vehicles to use their space, which reduces city traffic and congestion. REEF is launching the next phase of a neighborhood by redefining the possibilities and opportunities of an ecosystem brought to life.

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Company Mission

REEF Technology is a company that plans to transform static parking facilities into thriving mobility and dynamic logistic hubs.
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