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Relay is the only single-entry multi-carrier comparative-rating solution that can handle all P&C lines, across all mediums including both instant (“API”) and email quoting, at any level of complexity.





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Company Mission

Connecting brokers to the best sources of commercial insurance and reinsurance

The Eventful Workspace: Relay Platform's Whitepaper on our Company Culture

Core Values

Create with Empathy. A principle we hold dear at Relay is to enhance - rather than disrupt - the way you do things today. We do not seek to change things for the sake of it, and we do not embrace the "shiny object" pursuit that some other technology ventures do. Relay Platform was designed based on hundreds of hours spent with potential users to understand their needs and aspirations. We pride ourselves in questioning the status quo, but only after understanding it thoroughly. We believe that great design anchored in an in-depth understanding of our user, along with an uncompromising focus on execution mastery, dramatically improves the odds of a solution adoption, and thus its success.
Be our Very Selves. Relay was built by coupling the skills of great designers and technologists together with that of experienced (re)insurance specialists and workflow transformation experts. We believe the diversity all those contributors bring to our efforts every day is unparalleled, and fosters true creativity. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, our system is now designed to adapt and respond to both today's and tomorrow's needs. We embrace differences to build a better experience for everyone.
Technological and Customer Excellence. Relay Platform is designed from the ground-up as a native digital application, because current digital technologies, when anchored in user needs, enable incredible enhancements in productivity, quality, consistency and decision-making. Our team has deep-rooted experience in building and deploying SaaS applications that seek to over-deliver on user expectations. We leverage our UX/UI superpower to ensure that our SaaS solution hits the mark. In addition, Relay Platform UX/UI designer, frontend and backend software engineers can quickly and cost-effectively develop intuitive interfaces on our current stack, or legacy system integrations, to extend your Relay solution.
Foster Agility and Collaboration. Relay Platform utilizes an agile methodology through and through, in both our business and technical pursuits. That methodology encourages collaboration to ensure an optimal outcome. We believe in product iterations and constant feedback to generate better overall results. We work collaboratively with users to ensure full satisfaction with our product.