Jobs and Company Culture | Powderkeg logo is a SaaS recurring revenue & customer management platform based in Atlanta, GA. We help our customers: Grow Revenue Faster: Recurring and Metered Billing Take full control of your billing operations with our powerful recurring and metered billing platform. has automated rating of over 100 different file formats to eliminate errors and help you be the first to market. Increase Satisfaction and Reduce Churn: Customer Management System Manage every aspect of your customer's account - from taxation to order entry - all in one place. gives you the tools you need to encourage customer loyalty and increase revenue opportunities. Manage Less, Do More: Process Automation Our customizable workflow processes allow you to easily automate and manage any project to fit your unique business needs. Increase accuracy and measure efficiency across all of your business activities, without adding cost. Gain Insights for Smarter Decisions: Business Intelligence System Get the insights you need to scale fast. Identify top customers, churn, MRR, accounts receivable, order summaries and more in one, consolidated view. Our business intelligence reports give you on demand reporting when you need it most. Save Time, Reduce Errors, and Stay Connected: Integrations Ensure your business runs smoothly across all of your platforms, devices and networks. Whether you use our existing CRM, tax engine and gateway integrations, or use our enterprise level API to develop custom integrations, we help you scale without limits. Boost Productivity: Self Service Enablement Empower your customers and partners to take charge of their own accounts with our dynamic customer and agent portals. Remove the bottlenecks - now your resellers and sales teams can have automated commission calculations, inventory reports, and more.

Atlanta, GA




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Company Mission is a SaaS recurring revenue & customer management platform.
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