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Company Mission

Use science to improve sleep tonight and create measurable improvements in the thing that matter in your daily life.

A world where healthy sleep is standard and everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential
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I am so appreciative and in awe of my teammates. It's so energizing to come to work every day with colleagues that are so smart, engaged, inventive, strategic, and supportive.



Marketing Team

Core Values

People First

**Life is short.**

This is the most important value. Everything else is an outgrowth of this one value. The basic idea is that US society is structured around spending most of your life's hours at work. Those hours should be great.

It doesn't mean you'll feel joy all the time, it just means that you should be an environment where you can thrive.

**How this affects our customers**

The reason Rise exists is helping society get better sleep which influences every waking moment of your life. We believe that by getting your sleep right, you have the foundation to live the life you want.

**How this affects your life at Rise**

Every decision that we make is through this lens. More specifically, this means that valuation, progress, milestones, and outcomes are in service of and lower priority than how you're doing.


**Disciplined Thought and Disciplined Action.**

This is answering the questions: What are you trying to do? Why are you trying to do it? We commit ourselves to being intentional about what we do.

**How this affects our customers**

Time is fundamentally scarce and we believe we should invest that time like an other objective investment decision you'd make. If we show up every day thinking clearly and disciplined to follow through on our clear thinking, we think the result will be great for our current and future customers.

**How this affects your life at Rise**

Meetings of more than three people have an agenda in advance. You set the length of your 1-1, it can be 60 minutes or 5mins. We weight decisions and opinions based on believability. You'll be able to question whatever you believe isn't intentional about what we do (and you'll be in charge of thinking through what we should do about it).


**Get better. Understand**

Death is a time of stagnation, life is a time of growth. We are alive when we are growing.

A company is a collection of people, if you don't grow, neither does the company. This journey we are on together is an opportunity for each of us to grow and to collectively grow Rise in order to impact millions of lives. The way we spend our time and the choices we make should be choices for growth, no matter how difficult.

**How this affects our customers**

Healthy sleep is a foundation of personal growth. It allows for learning, empathy, emotion, creativity, willpower, etc. We also believe the growth of any group or organization depends on the growth of their people and by extension the health of their sleep.

**How this affects your life at Rise**

Every 1-1 you will be asked to share appreciation, evaluation and coaching about how Leon or I can get better. The obligation for individual growth is on you and therefore you will seek to understand from your team how you can get better.


**Be resilient and face your fears of overwhelm.**

Anything creative that hasn't been done before by definition requires that we fail. We don't hold the faulty assumption that every move is up and to the right. Often we take steps back in the short-term. We like to say that it's outcomes on the right time-scale that matters.

**How this affects our customers**

We're accountable for providing a product and service that produces results in their lives, organizations, and businesses.

**How this affects your life at Rise**

We don't have excuses, they are just hurdles to jump over. Every quarter we set objectives (and key results) and every week during 1-1's we review how we're doing and whether we need

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