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Sales Boomerang is the only automated Borrower Intelligence and Retention SaaS Platform in the World for the Banking & Mortgage industry. There are numerous ways for Machine Learning to enhance Software Applications and CRM's. Our SaaS Platform is designed to, among other things, automate the qualified lead generation process within your current CRM and Monetize the data living in your CRM. Talk about striking while the iron is hot -- this tool turns your Mortgage Lending organization into a Customer Success powerhouse by putting your team in the right place at the best time. Sales Boomerang combines Big Data and Machine Learning to generate automated alerts loan officers receive, such as a mortgage inquiry, credit score increase, equity and other life events. Sales Boomerang, combines the power of customer analytics and engagement automation with borrower intelligence, ensuring your teams are communicating with their customers at the appropriate touchpoints. Ever wish you could know when an existing or prior customer in your CRM is shopping for a mortgage, or know when your customers have equity in their home? With Sales Boomerang combined with your CRM, we make this priceless data available to your team through custom alerts. Request a demo today at:

Baltimore, MD


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Company Mission

Develops software that tells mortgage lenders when anyone in their database is ready for a loan.
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