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At Scipher Medicine, we are committed to transforming the way providers prescribe drugs, as well as the way manufacturers, develop new drugs. We have built a molecular map of all protein interactions that identifies genomic signatures and links those to disease and predictive treatment outcomes. Using a simple blood sample to analyze RNA, we can predict if a patient is likely to respond to a targeted therapy before therapy is prescribed. This insight allows patients to start the most effective therapy from day one. For our first commercial product, we have developed PrismRA®, a first-of-its-kind blood test that can predict which patients with rheumatoid arthritis are less likely to respond to TNFi therapies such as Humira® and Enbrel® so that such patients can go on alternative approved drugs. We also used a different one for the ACO Payer Summit, I’ve provided that as well: Scipher Medicine is building the future of patient treatment. Most patients who are prescribed blockbuster therapies today don't respond to treatment, costing the healthcare industry billions in wasted drugs while patients continue to suffer. Scipher's platform identifies which drug will work based on the patient's fundamental disease biology, and not based on symptoms, disease classification, or medical bias. A routine blood test predicts which drug he/she will respond to, with our first product focusing on rheumatoid arthritis, ensuring that the most optimal treatment is prescribed from day one. The molecular data generated by our tests is then used to fuel novel target discovery to address a clear unmet medical need in patients who do not respond to any existing therapy.





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