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An autonomous technology company, Sea Machines Robotics builds autonomous control and navigation systems for the commercial marine and boating industries. It develops advanced control systems for boats and ships, and specialized unmanned surface vessels to enhance operational safety and productivity on the water. Sea Machines Robotics builds RC NXT, an autonomous control and remote command system for PLC-based wireless control of vessel in existing or new build marine vessels, such as work boats, tugs, and launches; and DP-NXT autonomous control system that upgrades traditional manually piloted vessels to be operated with a reduced or zero on-board crew. It offers solutions for various unmanned applications, such as unmanned bathymetric survey vessels, AUV-tender, unmanned visual inspection of subsea assets, mobile unmanned passive acoustic monitoring, and dual towing. Michaerl G. Johnson founded Sea Machines Robotics on January 4, 2014. It has its headquarters in Boston in Massachusetts.





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