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Seikowave, Inc. was founded to commercialize new technologies that can make high speed 3D measurements at reasonable costs suitable for diverse markets. Seikowave systems can acquire 3D point clouds with 350,000 points per point cloud at rates up to 1,000 point clouds per second. The key technologies are in the areas of digital signal processing, image processing, optical systems, and the interactions among these technologies. They live in a three-dimensional world of length, width, and height. Their ability to make accurate measurements of these dimensions is critical to a wide variety of applications as diverse as measuring parts for automobiles, inspecting pipelines, examining teeth for dental restoration, and many others. Seikowave uses 3D measurements to solve common problems encountered in the oil and gas industry. Their solutions acquire 3D data, analyze the data for defects and anomalies, and generate reports that determine the fitness for service and can help guide repair procedures if necessary. Seikowave also manufactures the 3DSL hardware and software for general NDT applications.

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