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Sensera Systems designs and manufactures real-time jobsite intelligence solutions to owners, GCs, and municipalities. Its patented solar/wireless IoT solutions lead the market and have earned the business of more than 1000 General Contractors in construction and over 100 leading municipalities across the U.S. and Canada. Learn more at

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Golden, Colorado


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Company Mission

We will deliver high-quality products and services: Our engineering design, manufacturing and quality assurance processes and systems help to ensure we deliver your products and services free from defects and at the performance levels promised. We will stand behind our products: In addition to our warranty policies and money-back guarantees, our goal is to ensure you are not only satisfied but delighted with your product and service experience. We will help you succeed: We will strive to provide you with an exceptional customer service experience to help you get the most out of your Sensera products and services. We will listen: We will listen to and solicit your inputs and suggestions and work to understand how we can improve our products, services, and customer experience, while helping you solve new problems. We will innovate: We are a customer-focused, technology-based company. We will continually invest in R&D to develop products that bring new value to your business by solving problems in better ways. Value & Reliability. Our products and services are designed to provide superior value and reliability over alternatives.