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Empowering service industry professionals to connect directly with their most kind and generous guests and take control of who sits with them.

Indianapolis, IN


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Company Mission

Service industry professionals (servers & bartenders) earn the vast majority of their pay from customers through tipping and gratuities, yet often times have no input on who their customers are. Whether you just started in the restaurant industry or have made a career out of serving, we believe you should have the ability to influence who sits at your table rather than the traditional "luck of the draw" seating. It's time to give yourself a raise! Take control of your tables!

Core Values

At Sit With Me, we are deeply committed to cultivating an environment of kindness, empathy, and generosity, throughout the service industry. Our mission is driven by the understanding that service industry professionals face unique challenges every day, including the impact of rude guests and non-tippers on their livelihoods. Our goal is to connect server and bartender with guests who share our same values and improve the dining experience on both sides of the table. 

  • Kindness in Action
  • Empathy at the Core
  • Generosity as a Guideline
  • Mission-Driven Technology

We are more than just an app company. We are a movement towards a more empathetic, kind, and generous service industry. Our core values guide us in every decision we make, ensuring that we remain focused on our mission to support service industry professionals in meaningful and impactful ways.