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Six Feet Up

is a Python and cloud expert consulting company that helps innovative tech leaders build apps faster, innovate with AI/ML, simplify Big Data and leverage Cloud technology.

Indianapolis, IN


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Company Mission

Using modern technologies and processes, we Make Anything Possible™ for our clients. Our expert engineers accelerate digital transformation and implement custom, cutting-edge software implementations for Fortune 100 and 500 companies in various sectors including education, life sciences, transportation, fintech and government. Organizations like Capital One, NASA, Purdue and UNEP have sought out our passion for quality since 1999. We work hard at promoting best practices and automation. To this end, we have founded industry-leading events including the Python Web Conference, the largest worldwide event for web developers; IndyPy, the largest Python meetup in Indiana; and IndyAWS, Indiana’s fastest-growing cloud meetup. Six Feet Up is powered by the EOS Process™ and is home to an AWS Hero. We are a woman-owned and gender balanced software company. We are also 100% remote.
What it's like to work on the Six Feet Up team?

Focus on results oriented work. Open discussion and looking for innovation for our clients. Everything is on the table for discussion and all input is welcome.


Director of Client Experiences


Core Values

DO GOOD THINGS: Bad code is evil and expensive for both you and our team so we make a point to employ best practices. It’s what’s right to do, and we see it as a gift to our future selves. So we deliver clean, concise and PEP8 compliant code. We document. We test. We take pride in the quality of our work.
BE PASSIONED ABOUT LEARNING & GROWING: Change is a constant, especially in technology. We pursue continuous learning and the betterment of ourselves as a path to fulfillment and happiness.
GO TOGETHER: Just like any sports team, we are made of diverse experts who all work closely together so the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. When we engage with our clients, they become an intrinsic part of the team. We bring up issues, options and recommendations together. We all collaborate.
BE CREATIVE: We love solving problems! Each new project is viewed as an exciting challenge that we can’t wait to tackle. When faced with adversity, we use our creativity to find solutions and aren’t afraid to reach into our network for suggestions.
GIVE BACK: We owe our success to our parents, grandparents, and the many engineers and innovators who came before us and laid the foundations upon which we now build our projects. We pay them all forward by giving back to our community, local and global.

Leadership Styles

57% Coaching
Try this.

57% of survey respondents said their manager employs a Coaching leadership style.

Coaching leaders promote the independence of their employees and excel at productive, motivating conversation and feedback.

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